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Courses at BWC

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BWC Annual Report 2014-2015

Interested in reading the BWC Annual Report for 2014-2015? Click here for more information.

About BWC

Mission Statement 

Ballybeen Women’s Centre is an integrated service provider committed to enabling women, young people and children to realise their potential and fulfil their aspirations through the promotion of health, personal and socio-economic development.

Statement of Principles

  1. BWC promotes health and well being within the community.
  2. The Centre is committed to early child development through the provision of its pre-school and childcare programmes.
  3. The BWC is committed to lifelong learning and strives to elevate the aspirations and ambition of women and young people  through the provision of education and training programmes ranging from life skills  to employment training. 
  4. The Centre is committed to working with government departments and their agencies in the formulation policy and implementation of services to address multiple disadvantage.
  5. BWC adopts a holistic approach to realising its objectives within a disadvantaged community, putting people first in a person-centred approach.
  6. The Centre is a vehicle for cross-sectoral / inter-agency collaboration and innovation in response to real needs - enabling government to pursue its policy of social inclusion and for local communities to be active in redressing social imbalance and marginalisation.
  7. BWC is a learning organisation committed to sharing its experience and insights.  Its methods and framework for addressing the social problem of social inclusion and life-long learning continually evolves through the processes of its experiences in dealing with the multiplicity of needs experienced by women and young people in marginalised communities and its engagement with government and employers – sharing this knowledge with concerned institutions in other regions and nations.