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Good Relations

Ballybeen Women’s Centre Good Relations

In October 2010, Ballybeen Women’s Centre launched a Good Relations Project funded under the Lisburn and Castlereagh Peace III Partnership. 
The project aims to break down sectarian and racist prejudices and increase knowledge, understanding and respect for participants own culture and identity as well as that of others from across the political, cultural and ethnic spectrum. 
The project will encourage peace and reconciliation at a grassroots community level through cross-community dialogue in a safe environment and will raise awareness of the increasingly multicultural demographics of the Castlereagh and Greater Belfast area and will work with young people as well as women.
Upcoming Events
November 2010 – April 2011 : PEP Identity and Diversity Programme in partnership with the Falls Women’s Centre
In this programme young people will explore issues of sectarianism, racism and personal identity, culminating in a cross-community art workshop and residential.
January – February 2011 : Tasting Cultures Programme
Cultural awareness programme considering elements of Muslim, Jewish, Hindu and other minority cultures in Northern Ireland from religious practices to ethnic arts, food and dance.
March 2011 : Stepping Into Diversity Programme
5 week educative course exploring experiences of ethnic minorities living in our communities, dispelling common myths and building understanding. Course taken by Liza Wilkinson of TIDES Training, and included a session on refugee and asylum seeking experiences taken by a speaker from the Northern Ireland Community of Refugees and Asylum Seekers.
8 March 2001 - International Women's Day
We were joined at the Ballybeen Women's Centre by a group of Muslim Women to join in some tea, scones and discussion. 
May 2011 : Cultural Fabric Programme
Cross-community multi- cultural programme with a group from Falls Women's Centre using fabric and creativity to explore cultural traditions and differences.
May 2011 : OCR Level 2 in Reconciliation
This accredited 6 week course explores the meaning of conflict, both personal and at the community level, how we respond to conflict, and how we can resolve it. The course is faciliated by Tammy Brown and will hopefully be followed by the 12 week Level 3 in Peace and Reconciliation in August/September 2011. Please call the Centre if you would like to book your place on this course.
28 May 20011 - 11.30am until 3.30pm : Exploring Cultures - A Family Festival at the Enler Complex
An interactive funday filled with cultural food, music and crafts , jam packed with family activities. Events include food tasting, Japanese origami, henna, face painting, cultural dress, traditional dances and footballing activities with the IFA.
Everyone welcome, entry is FREE.
Gallery - Tasting Cultures

PEP Identity and Diversity Project

Exploring Cultures - A Family Festival at the Enler Complex, 28th May 2011

 Cultural Fabric Course with Falls Women's Centre 
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International Food Festival at Falls Women's Centre
For further information please contact the Good Relations Officer, Kathryn McNeilly on