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DATE: Drugs Awareness Training and Education Project

Project No: 2020-2-UK01-KA205-079320

November 2020 – October 2021

DATE will work towards the development of enhanced conception and knowledge in order to shape attitudes and promote empathy to drug abuse. The implementing partners of the project will share and discuss best practices in regards to drug awareness and prevention, utilizing their expertise and shared knowledge in the field to develop and make available a cohort of innovative tools that will contribute to holistic approaches to thwart drug abuse.

The DATE Project aims to provide a holistic approach to drug awareness and prevention by enhancing the power of education as the main focus to alert and prevent substance abuse.


Compendium of interactive infographic resources:

A complete suite of 12 interactive infographic resources that address 3 core areas to raising drug awareness: Problem definition, Appropriate Response Actions and Prevalent Problem.

Compendium of interactive infographic resources:
Provide the necessary training to front-line youth workers so they can harness these ubiquitous channels in their daily activities.

Peer training programme for young people:
A peer leadership programme to empower young people to become local advocates and contribute to the promotion of drug awareness as well as support their peers to understand the risks of drug use.


PM 1  - Ballybeen Women’s Centre UK

PM 2 - Future in Perspective Ltd Ireland

PM3 – Centre for Advancement of Research and Development in Education Technology Ltd (CARDET) Cyprus

PM 4 – Proportional Message – Associacao Portugal

PM 5 – Asociacion Cultural Ingalicia Spain

PM 6 – Skills Elevation FHB Germany