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Contribute to Change: Young Women in Political Careers

Project partners:

1. Romania Society for Lifelong Learning (SREP) (Coordinator) - Romania
2. Ballybeen Women’s Centre —Northern Ireland
3. AKLUB — Czech Republic


During the last few years there has been considerable progress by EU countries in adopting laws to support equal opportunities for men and women.  However in reality women do not participate in political life to the same degree as men.  The percentage of women members of Parliament varies between countries:19% in the UK, 15% in the Czech Republic and 10% in Romania.

Project Target Group

This project will target 15 young women aged 16 to 35 years from the partner countries of Romania, Northern Ireland and Czech Republic.

Project Aims

To increase participation of young women in political life by changing attitudes, raising  knowledge, confidence levels and   self-esteem.

Project Activities

Each partner organisation will:

  • Carry out an needs analysis of the target group within each country.
  • Develop a series of 5 participatory workshops for the target group.
  • Pilot the participatory workshops with the target group.
  • Organise a public debate involving the target group.
  • Disseminate the project information at a National and European level

Key Outcomes

  • Promotion of European Values
  • Contribution to informal learning for active European citizenship
  • Fostering of a transnational approach with a local dimension
  • Promotion of cultural and linguistic diversity
  • Cross-fertilisation of practice and ideas involving different types of organisations


  • Website of the project
  • Publication of booklet containing ‘success stories’
  • DVD and CD of the project
  • Publication of educational materials used within the workshops
  • Evaluation of the project

Visit the project website for more information:

This project is co-financed by the European Commission within the Europe for Citizen’s Programme, Actions 2; Measure 3.