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DREAM in short…

The project “DREAM: Dynamic Reinforcement for European Adaptation of Migrants” has the aim to reinforce the migrant integration provision through exchange of experience on priority integration areas and spread results of successful initiatives through a EU-wide network of stakeholders.


Organisations from nine EU countries (Austria, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Bulgaria, UK, Czech Republic, Italy and Greece) are working on the DREAM project at transnational level in order to support the realization of the EU priorities and policies on migrant integration through researching, identifying and exchanging good practices and experiences which address the Common Basic Principles for Immigrant Integration Policy in the European Union (CBP).


DREAM is developing a comprehensive database of good practices at EU level focused on migrant integration enhancement through education. The database will provide valuable experience on effective methodologies for integration and work with migrants addressing needs related to better social, cultural and economic integration.


DREAM aims to:

  • develop and disseminate a comprehensive database of good practices at EU level addressing all key areas for a successful migrant integration 
  • build a European-wide network of practitioners developing national and European initiatives for migrant integration and enrich their expertise
  • improve the readiness of key actors and facilitators of migrant integration in the host communities to meet the needs of diverse populations 
  • contribute to the improvement of the capacity and expertise of the authorities responsible for integration in countries playing the role of “transit” channels to other EU countries 
  • support migrants in their preparedness to adapt in the host society
  • enhance the exploitation potential of educational projects focused on migrant integration

 Project Partners:

  • BRAINPLUS (AT) – Coordinator
  • INAB (DE)
  • KU TU (BG)
  • AKLUB (CZ)
  • CFIQ (IT)
  • DIAN (GR)